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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Mozila Firefox adalah web browser yang paling sering digunakan selain google chrome oleh pengguna internet untuk berselancar di dunia maya. Baik yang mau ngeblog dan keperluan lain nya yang berhubungan dengan Internet

dan ini lah featur Mozilla Firefox 5 Terbaru

    Sync will be easier
    Better add-on updates
    Tab multi-select
    A new tab page
    Add-ons will get standardized toolbar support
    File upload indicator
    There will be a PDF viewer and MP3 player
    Log in to a website with multiple accounts at the same time
    Better social sharing
    Indicator for tracking file uploads
    Home button will be replaced with a Home app tab
    In-browser preview for files such as PDF or MP3
    Taskbar web apps
    Identity manager
    Easy access to social media accounts for services such as Facebook and Twitter
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